Venus (Shukra) - Puja and Havan -

Venus (Shukra) - Puja and Havan

“Hima kundaa mrinalaabham daityanaam paramam gurum sarv shastra pravaktaaram bhargavem pranamamyaham”

The idol of the Venus should be made in silver (or in silver color). Venus should be perceived duly attired in white. Having four arms holding staff, Aksha sutra, Kamandal and the fourth hand in a state of blessing posture.

Venus (Shukra) should be worshipped with the flowers and clothes of the colors of the idol and with fragrance, sticks, deepa, giving oblations, Dhupa, Guggul, etc. The metal of the idol of the planet and the food dear to him as signified by the planet are donated in charity with full devoutness for the alleviation of the affliction.

Maharishi Parashara said that the Mantra of Venus should be recited for sixteen thousand times. 

The type of wood to be used for Havan of Jupiter is Goolar. The Havana Samagri duly mixed with honey, ghee, curd or milk is offered as oblations into the sacred fire and amidst chanting of the Mantras for 108 or 28 times, the Havana should be performed.

After that Brahmins should be fed. Rice with Ghee is a must for remedy of Venus. After the worship Dakshina should be given as per shraddha of yajmana (person performing the Havan) and satisfaction of Brahmins.

Normally the mantras given below are chanted for reducing the affliction of Venus. Beej Mantra is preferred because of being a potent mantra.

Mantra for Venus: “Om Shukraay Namah”

Beej Mantra for Venus: “Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraay Namah”.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak

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Small Havan:- Recitation of Venus Mantra for 1008 times followed by Havan.

Medium Havan: Recitation of Venus Mantra for 16,000 times followed by Havan.

Large Havan: Recitation of Venus Mantra for 64,000 times followed by Havan.

The entire Mantra and Havan will be carried on as per the prescribed Vedic rituals.

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